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Just read the clues below. They describe an aspect of nature—a plant, animal, mineral, habitat, or natural process.
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Who Am I?
spacerglass1 Clue 1:  I'm a member of the "dog family."
glass1 Clue 2:  I live throughout North America in deserts, prairies, forests, and even in towns and cities.
glass1 Clue 3:  You might hear me howling at night to communicate with my pack.
glass1 Clue 4:  Don't let me trick you—I am NOT a wolf.
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Throughout the school year, clues for a new Who Am I are posted no later than Sunday night, so you can use them with your class on Monday morning.Good luck!
The answer to last week's mystery was: SEASHELLS Although Inside Outside Nature blog is changing it's focus, this weekly "Who Am I?" will remain the same! Teachers, click here to get ideas about how to use the contest with your students.  

American Grown

9780307956026Michelle Obama’s book American Grown: The Story of the White House Garden started a conversation among parents and teachers about childhood obesity, healthy eating, and exercise. In this book the First Lady invites you inside the White House Kitchen Garden and shares its inspiring story. You’ll read about her worries as a novice gardener—would the new plants even grow? And learn from the White House Garden team about how you can help plant your own backyard, school or community garden.

Studies show that kids are more than twice as likely to eat fruits and vegetables if they grow them. This past month I’ve featured three of Dawn Publications’ picture books that support gardening with children.

The underlying message in each book is, “It’s fun to grow your own food—and it’s delicious.” Did you know that Dawn’s website has downloadable lesson plans on their website for these and other books?


Inside: Have a Plant Part-y

Parts-of-a-PlantIntroduce your students to the six parts of a plant (roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruit, and seeds) and make a yummy salad together using one of these lessons from Molly’s Organic Farm or What’s in the Garden?



Outside: Let’s Move

pyfp-logoMichelle Obama’s suggestions for raising healthy children include not only eating healthy food, but also doing getting more exercise. Read more about kids and exercise, and get your kids (and yourself) moving with these suggestions from the President’s Challenge.


More Facts and Fun with Food and Exercise

  • Fruit or Vegetable—Does it feel like spring or winter where you are? No matter…now is a good time to begin thinking about planting a garden. What will you grow in your garden…a fruit or vegetable? Do your students know the difference? Explore the difference with these two lesson plans from Molly’s Organic Farm and What’s in the Garden?
  • Smart Moves—Another way to support healthy eating and physical activity comes from NASA’s Train Like an Astronaut program. These science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) activities are correlated to the National Education Standards.