California’s diversity of wildlife is amazing, but it doesn’t compare to that of the rainforest. My most memorable rainforest adventure was with Jane Goodall in Panama. Jane delighted in every aspect of the forest—the raging river, lush vegetation, and all of the animals, especially the howler monkeys that woke us up at dawn. Through her example I learned more deeply what it means to protect nature.

The woodland habitat of northern Michigan is dearest to my heart, probably because it’s the first place where I really immersed myself in nature. My husband and I lived adjacent to 800 acres of hardwood forest, with only a few scattered neighbors within miles. It was there that I learned the hunting patterns of the Northern Harrier Hawk, heard the sounds of trees cracking from winter’s bitter cold, and watched the dazzling Northern Lights brighten the night sky. I “migrate” to Michigan each fall to enjoy the vibrant colors of the trees.

When I’m not outside, I’m inside doing things like writing children’s books, teaching a class, or designing curriculum. My “professional credits” include being an elementary, middle school, and high school teacher, founder of two alternative high schools, former co-director of the Education for Life Foundation, and former online instructional designer for Performance Learning Systems. I authored all of Dawn’s Teacher’s Guides as well as co-authored Earth Heroes: Champions of the Wilderness, Earth Heroes: Champions of Wild Animals, Molly’s Organic Farm and a three-book series about birds and birding, The BLUES Go Birding.

I look forward to sharing nature experiences with you through this blog—both inside and outside!