There are several ways you can use “Who Am I?” with your class:

Science Class Opener

You present all of the clues to the entire class. Students work in small groups to brainstorm the answer and present one guess to the whole class for a vote. The guess that receives the most votes is submitted to the contest. You report the correct guess to the class the following week and present the new set of clues.

Daily Clue

Read the first clue to the class on Monday or Tuesday and record students’ guesses on chart paper. On each subsequent day read one more clue. Ask students to eliminate responses from the previous days that no longer apply based on the new information, and invite them to list any new responses. On Friday have the class choose one guess from their brainstormed list for you to submit to the contest.

Independent Study Project

One student becomes responsible for reading the clues each week and researching possible responses. Based on his/her research, the student submits a guess by Friday afternoon. At the end of the month the student gives you a tally sheet that includes his/her guesses, the list of clues, and the correct answers. (This project could also be done by a small group of students working together.)

Sponge Activity

When a student finishes an activity, he or she reads the clues and makes a guess. Each guess is recorded in a designated place in the classroom. For example: on a clipboard posted next to the computer, on a slip of paper put into a small box, placed into an envelope you keep on your desk. On Friday you choose one of the guesses to submit.